Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let The Short Halloween Begin!

Our latest Hatman audio comic, Hatman #49: The Short Halloween is on our Blip page and will soon be added to! Though The Short Halloween is one of our shortest comics ever, though, it is still a fun little ride. With a runtime of 1:49 who can't take almost 2 minutes to find out what's scaring Hatman this Halloween? Hint, the panel to the right has something to do with it!

This comic has been the absolute fastest production we have pulled off to date! With only a little more than 3 weeks from initial concept to published product I really have to applaud the 3twins team who worked on this! While this issue only featured a couple of our characters there was a total of 5 people included in its production! S. LaDon Ware had the hardest task of taking the simple premise I came up with and creating a comic with no script or layouts!

Originally my idea was to have the comic only be one page, but S. LaDon couldn't help but add to the tension of Hatman's short adventure. It is amazing that we were able to get the very busy Tom Cox in to record Narrator lines off the cuff. I had barely received the uncolored pages when Tom arrived. So, even though Andy credited me as the writer, S. LaDon Ware and Tom Cox also had a large part in making the final product what it is!

The coloring this time was very challenging for most of the panels. Figuring out how to show Hatman in the dark was a stroke of brilliance by S. LaDon Ware who helped guide me as I colored the pages to fit his vision. All in all I think this quick concept turned out to be an amazing little addition to the Hatman Universe.

The light hearted core of what makes up Hatman & Indigo Comics was truly captured and I think it is a fitting tone for the end of this volume of the over arching story. As I've mentioned before, issue #50 will bring about some lasting changes to the Hatman Universe, without giving anything away, that will include adding greater depth and expanding the world as a whole. In light of that, this tiny Halloween special will be a nice contrast to what follows!

Keep it real Hatmaniacs!


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