Friday, September 4, 2009

Understanding Comics

OK, we're going to side-track a little from our usually investigations into the world of webcomics and take a refresher in the fundamentals.

If you've ever taken a English Literature course, you know that reading a book is more than just enjoying a fine story, but understanding the author, the period its written in, what's the point they're trying to make, etc. Film and music studies take a similar path.

But what about visual storytelling medium, specifically comics?

While you can enjoy and appreciate a comic without knowing anything about the art form, you can definitely enhance the experience by striving to understand comics in general. But where to begin? Easy, check out the works of Scott McCloud, the author of the book 'Understanding Comics'. You'll gain an appreciation of the webcomics medium that you didn't have before.

I recommend starting with his TED Conference speech then visit his home page.


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