Wednesday, September 2, 2009


When illustrating for any type of script in the comic industry, I've found that there is a balance between writing and illustrating. It is good to have both sides be at the top of their game and field, but a great comic in this aspect goes through a three step process. Keep in mind that I’m generalizing.

Now, one being the script, step two is where the artist comes in and brings the script to life, but the third is sometimes overlooked. Occasionally this would complete the process after the artwork is all done. The comic would then go to print or in our case online. When the artist has completed all steps of the illustration progress and if the art is good enough then the writer's go back and omit, edit, or shorten the pre-existing script. This is of course fall under step three.

I find this makes for a better read comic, especially for those who aren’t big reader's and prefer pictures to a heavy script. Moreover, the story that was originally conceived by the writers is still conveyed to its fullest potential. It is difficult for writers to find the right artist to compliment there work, and you artists out there make sure the writing does your work justice as well. Much like life it's a balancing act.

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