Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Insight from the Drawing Table

Generally when producing a comic we rely one the sequential order of the pictures in balance with the script. There is a substantial difference from picture books to comics, while the picture book generally focuses on domination over the words. Whereas, the common comic finds a harmonic balance between the two. Ninety eight percent of comics distributed either through internet or by book combines images with words that are bound within panel and bubbles.

Here at 3twins we break free of the common mold and scrap the written text altogether. In it’s own rite it’s daring and innovatively unique. Our fans no longer have to worry about back tracking or re-reading the words to make sure they are properly reading text in comparison to the images. This makes it easier to just sit back and enjoy the plot as it unfolds and the best part is that more than one person can share this experience with you at the same time. However, another distinction to this benefit is that it puts more pressure on the voice actors to deliver an adequate if not superb performance to effectively serve to the strengths of the script and artwork.

Whenever you hear 3twins, or Hatman and Indigo among the many web comics posted on the internet remember to associate us with the new, the creative, and deliver a modern concept in a post modern way. We are 3twins; writers, storytellers, and artists bringing you an old concept in a newer format that demands to be heard.

Michael J. Lude

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