Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hatman & Indigo in HD!

Last week we released our first High Definition issue of Hatman & Indigo. We will continue to have standard definition versions available, for quicker load times, but from now on we will always offer HD versions of each comic.

Having the HD version of the comic not only allows the images to be cleaner on high resolution monitors and TVs, it also affords us the ability to easily convert the HD flash into BluRay and DVD options in the future.

We at, LLC are continuing to expand our horizons, and always looking to the next best thing we can offer to you, our fans. Not only will we continue to offer HD versions of Hatman & Indigo on, we are also looking into other mediums to broadcast our Heroic and Incredible friends.

Keep sending your feedback, we are always willing to rise to any challenge.


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