Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The 3rd Twin

As 3Twins.net continues to grow and bring you new, fun content, one question we get a lot is, "Where did you get the name 3Twins?"

The story actually begins on July 20th, 1980 when Andy and Jason were born. Andy and Jason are actually identical twins, and this is the root of where the "Twins" part of the 3Twins name came from. The "3" didn't come along until about 9 months later when I was born - but I'm not even a blood relative. In fact, I didn't even meet Andy and Jason until the bus-ride to school on our first day of first grade.

That meeting was the first in a long series of encounters (some good, some not so good... more stories for other days :P) that led to me becoming best friends with Andy and Jason about mid-way through High School.

Around that time Andy and Jason ended up living with their grandparents who only lived about a mile and a half from me. I ended up spending a lot of time over there with them playing video games, watching movies, and even writing some of the stories and making movies that would one day lead to our website. I spent so much time there that Andy and Jason's grandparents started to refer to me as The Third Twin.

Like I said, we spent a lot of time making silly videos. At first we called our videos Tuesday Evening Taped (get it?). Eventually, Jason had the idea to make these skits into a cable access show and he even took a class at the Kalamazoo cable access station to get things started. He created the name HyperFiction for our company and we changed Tuesday Evening Taped to The HyperFiction Comedy Hour.

Unfortunately we learned that the name HyperFiction was already taken and so we began trying to think of a new name. That's when the Third Twin nickname rolled back around. We all liked it, and so 3Twins Productions became the name of the company.

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