Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Zapman Remasterd Line Art DONE!!!

Greetings 3twins fans,

Today I won't be talking about the game, but rather an old project that has seen a new step toward completion.  Zapman Remastered, all three parts, are completed in the pencil/ink stage!

S. LaDon Ware has been working on in-game art for our upcoming Of Mages & Pages game for the Nintendo Wii U, but prior to that, he was working on the Zapman Remastered line art in his spare time.  Just yesterday I received the last of those pages!  While I would love to devote the next couple weeks to coloring, recording and editing this story so we could release it on our site, we are just all too busy with the game.  However, I will also mention that work has continued on a "lost" story of Hatman, and our goal is that as soon as our game publishes next fall we will resume publishing comics on our site at a regular rate.  It is good that we will have about 7-10 issues backlogged by that time, so we can continue to work on more games and comics at the same time!

Next week, I should have something really big to show you all for the game, but for now, marvel at the beautiful handiwork of S. LaDon Ware!  I've chosen to share with you a panel from the first page of Zapman Remastered part 3. 

Why are Hatman and Indigo weaving through traffic in the Hatmobile?  Will they reach their destination in time?  Tune in this fall, same HAT time same HAT website!


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