Friday, December 13, 2013

New Logo for Of Mages & Pages!

Earlier this week Andy and I were brainstorming what would be a good logo for our Wii U game and the world of Of Mages & Pages/Midieville.  As I mentioned previously, I've been writing some back stories for the characters widening the scope of the world and really getting my head in the space of Of Mages & Pages.  One of the things Andy and I created years ago was a list of different creatures in Midieille, one of those creatures is the phoenix.  In Midieville a phoenix is not the large fiery bird from other mythologies; instead, the phoenix is akin to a goldfinch in size and shape, it is still on fire, but its job is to deliver message like a carrier pigeon.  These little creatures are not sentient like Gidju or Marvin, but instead are more along the intelligence of a real-world talking bird but a bit more intelligent perhaps.  How they work is someone tells a phoenix a message and whom/where to take that message, the phoenix remembers it and flies off to the recipient and whispers it in their ear.  Since phoenixes are on fire, their voices emit flames, so they must whisper the messages.  All that to say that Andy and I decided that the symbol of Midieville would be one of these phoenixes.  I discussed this with Chuck Bedard and he was gracious enough to design it for us!  So, as you can see in the image attached to this message is that symbol.  This image will become the key logo of our game and a symbol of the united kingdom under the good king Mathos.


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