Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Spectacular Cider-Man?

So, if you've watched part 2 of "Revenge of the Big Giant Pumpkin Headed Man" you know that a new superhero was introduced, The Spectacular Cider-Man. This is the character I spoke of as the idea that Steve and Andy didn't think would work. He is only briefly in part 2 but part 3 will feature him much more prominently. I think Tom Cox did an excellent job with the Russian accent as well as the characterization. In case you're concerned that we're creating far too many superheroes, I ask you to save that critique until after viewing the final part of this story next week.

As you may be able to guess, the image to the right is the cover for part 3 of this story. It is a parody of Web of Spider-Man #1 and the character of Cider-Man is obviously a loose parody of Spider-Man. However, the vaguely similar costume and similar sounding name is where the correlation between the two characters ends. I assure you we are not ripping off Spider-Man in any way.

I really can't wait until next week when part 3 goes online. I hope you all enjoy Cider-Man and I really look forward to any comments on him after it goes online!

On another note, I'm currently working on an outline for the next installment of the Pumpkin Head/Hatman Halloween saga that will be titled "Son of the Big Giant Pumpkin Headed Man." It is still in the early stages, but what I can tell you is that it will have something to do with the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and of course, the Big Giant Pumpkin Headed Man character. How much, I can't say. Besides, this story had "something" to do with the Pumpkin Head character, even though it was brief!

Until then... Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!


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