Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pod Casts

For now we don't have very many installments of our PodCast - KudeeCast, but Jason plans on having a new installment on a regular basis. Also we are working on something new for Star Fetched. The animation process takes a very long time. Most of the animation on has been executed by me, someone who knows nothing about animation. If you watch the Midieville Shorts, starting with The Marvin and Gidju Saga and ending with Duel part 1 you will see that I did learn some things along the way, however it is still a very long arduous process. All this being taken into consideration we decided to rewrite the pilot of Star Fetched into an audio drama. Once we re-record all the character audio and remix the effects track, it will sound more like a classic radio serial, complete with a non-interactive narrator (unlike the Narrator from Hatman & Indigo who is an actual character). We will be offering this new version of Star Fetched as a pod cast along with KudeeCast. If Star Fetched does well as an audio drama, you may see the return of Midieville in a similar fashion.


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