Thursday, February 19, 2015

Princess Thafi Returns!

Thafi Concept for BlogSeveral month's back our late COO, Andy, blogged about the decision to cut a character from the upcoming Wii U game Of Mages & Pages: Remnants of Iniquity.
In the aftermath of Andy's passing, I came up with an idea of a way to bring her back in a different capacity.  Princess Thafi will actually first appear in the upcoming Midieville shorts that we are creating to bridge the story gap from the old Midieville shorts and the new Of Mages & Pages games.

I'm not going to reveal how she comes about, other than to say that she will NOT be the damsel in distress she originally was thought up as.  However, I am sharing with you brand new concept art from S. LaDon Ware of what Princess Thafi may look like in the cartoons/games.


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