Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Celebrating Seven Years of Hatman!

Hey There Hatmaniacs!

To the right (if viewed on our blog proper) you will see a large image, much larger than I am used to posting in our blog.  This image depicts every artist who has worked on Hatman & Indigo over the past seven years.  Today is a month after the actual seven year anniversary of our first comic.  Originally published on 3twins.net May 4th, 2006, Hatman has been the heart and soul of 3twins.net ever since.  Even in the lull we have experienced since I went back to school, we have still slowly but surely continued to roll out Hamtan Comics!

So, for their hard work, I would like to personally thank, Chris Secondi, Chuck Bedard, Debi Solomon, Michelle Meinema, Benjamin Schooley, Stephen Surine, S. LaDon Ware, Juanito Moore, Scott Matteson, Jennifer VanMeter, Michael Lude, Kendall Stump, Tilian Wagner, and Alex Harvey!  Each of them is represented in the collage image and we couldn't have had any Hatman without their help!

I would also like to mention the newest member of the Hatman tribe, Jamie Butler-Houts, who is currently coloring Zapman: Reimagined pages.  I did not have a true representation of her work for both Hatman and Indigo yet, so she was not depicted on the collage.  Also, a special mention goes out to Steve Steffel who did some background work for us back in the original Zapman story.

So, here's to Hatman, and many more stories to come!


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