Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blonde Damsel, Character Study

Girlfriend to Hatman, Blonde is often the Damsel in distress of Hatman & Indigo comics. She is the oldest of the four Damsel children, who were all named after their hair color by the eccentric Grey Damsel, Blonde's father. Her mother, Auburn, favors Blonde over the other Damsel children, though she wouldn't admit it if asked. Blonde's sister, Brunette is the most normal of the bunch. Her other sister, Bald is crazy and currently spending time at the Twin City insane asylum. Blonde's youngest sibling and brother, Red, has special fluid powers, due to a wish that Blonde made when the Princess of the fairies was assigned to her.

In her many encounters with Hatman, Blonde hasn't always been the one in trouble. There have been a few times she saves the day and keeps our heroes safe. If not for Blonde The Big Giant Pumpkin Headed Man may have taken over Twin City the second time he reared his titanic head.

Even though Blonde and Indigo rarely get along, they both share the common goal of loyalty to Hatman. Blonde and Indigo have saved each other from villainy enough times to show they do genuinely care for one another, but it's doubtful they will ever express that verbally. Their tense situation stems from a jealousy over the other one taking Hatman's attention.

Created by Andy and Jason Kuder
Voiced by Michelle Kuder
Employment: Student
Catch phrase: Oh Hattie, save me quick!
Hobbies: Throwing parties, shopping, spending time with Hatman
Personality: Blonde is always upbeat and optimistic. Whenever she is captured by a villain she knows Hatman is around the corner to "save her quick".
Strengths: Blonde is great at making friends and sees herself as somewhat of a match maker; she set her sister, Brunette, up with Bruno
Weakness: An uncanny ability to get captured by villains
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