Monday, November 15, 2010

Artist Perspective

This is my first time guest blogging, so I’ll try not to ramble too much.

I was an artist for two of the Halloween issues this year. Working on the Halloween special was a great introduction to the world, since so many of the core characters were in the comic. Check it out if you haven’t already:

Now that I’m starting to get a handle on the cast, I’m working on a new issue, that (not to give any spoilers away) features almost all the main recurring characters in the series. Totally epic.

Two of my favorite characters are Billy Boy and the Amazing Aquatic Kid. I think there is something very interesting about two children playing heroes in a world of adults. In the Halloween Special, Regular Man jumps in a moment from his adult super hero from to his actual identity: Billy Boy. All because he wants to go Trick 'r Treating with the Aquatic Kid. This is a hysterical scene, but it also shows that no matter how mature Regular Man behaves, he is still a child. Which inspired the just for fun picture of the two featured in this post.

It has been such a wonderful experience getting to be an artist for Hatman and Indigo. Not just because Three Twins are great people to work with, but because the Hatman universe is such an exciting sandbox to get to play in : )


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  1. I think it is interesting how other people can get more out of something than we intended. I don't mean that in a negative way at all. When I wrote "Revenge" I didn't really think about Regular Man really just being a kid, I just thought it would be better if he had no "Regular" powers so he could become one of the Man-Hat Minions as well. But, you are right, Regular Man may be in the body of a Man, but he's still a kid, and maybe always will be a kid in a way.

    Thanks for posting!