Friday, February 12, 2010

The waiting game

Things have started to collect dust on the site and we apologize for that. I wanted to post a little note to whomever reads this that we will be keeping on hold for a while. I had wanted to post the completed Halloween issues of Hatman & Indigo, but that is most likely going to wait until Halloween this year.

Bear in mind we are working on some really great things. The Lectrajack project has been changed to a series of novels. I'm working on writing the first draft of the first book currently. We are also exploring many options for a complete redesign of the 3twins site with the help of our newest board member, Jim. And don't forget about the backlog of Hatman scripts waiting to see the light of day as well as the much anticipated Issue 50! One thing that we are in the process of doing is recording new KudeeCasts, hopefully we'll get a regular schedule of those to tide you over.

I like to look at this down time like we are a spring coiling down and gathering energy for a big shoot into the sky. I cannot promise when we will post new content on a regular basis again, nor do I want to speculate for fear of being wrong. However, I will say that I am excited about what we're working on in our down time and I really have high hopes for our triumphant return!


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